Yazidi Sex Slaves: Using Apps to Buy and Sell Human Beings

The Yazidis are a small religious minority in Northern Iraq. In 2014, ISIS targeted Yazidi towns, slaughtering thousands and taking women and children as sex slaves. The AP reported that ISIS is using apps and databases to register the slaves,  buy and sell them. All ISIS checkpoints in Iraq have this information through the apps and will block the slaves from escaping. The UN is calling these horrific actions genocide.

Sexual Slavery

Sexual Slavery occurs when a person is forced to perform a sex act against his or her will. Sexual slavery involves the giving or receiving of anything of value, which can include money, drugs, food, shelter or clothes in exchange for a sex act (Gallagher, 2010). Ninety-eight percent of all sex slaves are women and children; however men and boys can be forced into sexual slavery as well (ILO, 2012). Unfortunately, less is know about male victims of sexual slavery than female victims. Female victims of slavery received more media attention than male victims. Regardless of gender, victims of sexual slavery can be difficult to identify because they are often caught committing the illegal act of prostitution/solicitation. Because they are violating the law, victims are often treated as suspects before it can be established  that they are sex slaves (Hofmann, 2015).

What is the second most profitable criminal enterprise?

Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery is the second most profitable criminal enterprise on the planet, eclipsing all illegal gun and arm sales worldwide. Current projections indicate that Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery will become the number one criminal enterprise within 3 to 5 years. This means that Human Trafficking and Sexual slavery will be the number one producing criminal enterprise in the world. Illegal drugs, arms and gun sales will pale in comparison to the amount of money which can be made by enslaving human beings.

Slavery is illegal worldwide.

Speaking at Hill Air Force Base

I recently spoke at Hill Air Force Base about Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery. This presentation was about what Human Trafficking is and what it is not. The presentation was approximately an hour and a half. It was a great exchange of questions and answers that illuminate how great the problem is, not only on a world wide level but in our on state as well. I am grateful to Hill Air Force Base for allowing me to come do this presentation.