Public Speaking

I am a public speaker on Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery. I have spoken at facilities as diverse as Westminster College, the University of Utah, Chambers of Commerce, retirement homes, victim advocate trainings and other institutions. It is my passion. I write about the topic as well as speaking in public. I literally have been speaking in public since I was in college and have over two decades of public speaking experience on one topic or another.

My Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery presentation can be either one hour or two hours.

To schedule a presentation please contact me.

Certified Facilitator

I am a trained facilitator to speak on preventing child sexual abuse. One in ten children will be sexually abused before they turn 18 and 90% of those children know their abusers. There is a direct connection to children who have been sexually abused, run away from home and end up being in a trafficking situation. If a child is not found within 72 hours there is a tremendous risk that they will end up as a victim of trafficking. I went through this training so that I could begin to deal with the back end of trafficking when it comes to children. If we stop child sexual abuse up front, we might be able to prevent trafficking of children, a truly horrific crime.

The training I provide is two hours and Continuing Education Credit (2 hours) is available.

The training is recognized by the National Association of Social Workers and the National Board of Certified Counselors. This training is encouraged in faith based organizations, schools/daycare, Headstart programs, sport leagues, camps, Boy Scout and Girl Scout parenting groups/mentoring programs, hospitals, higher education, law enforcement, and neighborhood associations. This training is specifically for adults.

If you are interested in scheduling training please contact me.

Certified Sexual Assault Counselor for the State of Utah

As a certified victim counselor and advocate, I work one on one with victims of sexual assault. All information between myself and the victims of sexual assault is completely confidential.

If you are a victim of sexual assault I can provide you with the resources, contacts and information to begin the healing process. Please contact me.

Knowledge is power.

By becoming educated you will have the skills to approach legislators, and to create legislation which will benefit victims and prosecute the people who carry out these hideous crimes.

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